Program and Abstract Book

Update: 2012/07/20
Conference Venue: Lecture Room 1,4 and 5, Xiamen University Sciences and Art center
Saturday, July 21, 2012  
13:00-22:30                     Registration   (Venue: Lobby of YiFuLou)  
Sunday, July 22, 2012  
8:00-12:00 Registration   (Venue: Lobby of YiFuLou)  
8:20-8:35 Opening Remarks    
Room 1 Plenary Session: Chair Jie Shen  
8:35-9:15 Stability of Laminar Shear Flow  Weinan E  
9:15-9:55 First-order overdetermined systems for elliptic problems John Strain  
9:55-10:30 Photo, poster session and tea break  
Room 1 Plenary Session: Chair Remi Abgrall    
10:30-11:10 Propagation of long-crested water waves Jerry Bona  
11:10-11:50 The small Deborah number limit of the Doi-Onsager equation to the   Ericksen-Leslie equation  Pingwen Zhang  
11:50-12:30  A Type of Multigrid Method for Eigenvalue Problems Qun Lin  
12:30-14:00 Lunch break    
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Xiaoping Wang    
14:00-14:35 Exploring ground states and excited states for spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates  I-Liang Chen   
14:35-15:10 Modeling nematic gels and solutions Qi Wang(USA)    
15:10-15:45 Adaptive mesh refinement techniques for the immersed interface method applied to flow problems Zhilin Li   
Room 5 Parallel Session: Chair  Zhong Tan    
14:00-14:35 Continuum Model and Numerical Simulation for Dynamics of Dislocation Arrays Xiang Yang  
14:35-15:10 Study of nonlocal viscous dispersive terms Min Chen  
15:10-15:45 Analysis on stability of solitary-wave solutions for systems of nonlinear dispersive equations Hongqiu Chen  
15:45-16:15  Tea break    
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Weizhu Bao    
16:15-16:50 Fekete-Gauss TSEM with application to incompressible flows Richard Pasquetti   
16:50-17:25 Finite Element Disretization of Richards model Christine Bernardi  
17:25-18:00 Conditioning of finite element equations with arbitrary anisotropic meshes Weizhang Huang   
Room 5 Parallel Session: Chair Claude Brauner    
16:15-16:50 Numerical schemes for models of thin film epitaxy Xiaoming Wang  
16:50-17:25 Some equations with logarithmic nonlinear terms Alan Miranville  
17:25-18:00 On contact angle hysteresis on rough surfaces  Xiaoping Wang  
Monday, July 23, 2012  
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Jianxian Qiu    
8:30-9:05 High Order Residual Distribution Scheme for the RANS Equations Remi Abgrall     
9:05-9:40 A Posteriori Error Analysis of Finite Element Methods for Linear Nonlocal Diffusion and Peridynamic Models Lili Ju   
9:40-10:15 HP-multigrid as smoother algorithm for higher order discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of advection-dominated flows  J. van der Vegt   
Room 5 Parallel Session: Chair I-Liang Chen    
8:30-9:05 Dirichlet-Neumann operators and optimized Schwarz methods Xuejun Xu  
9:05-9:40 Fast time-domain computation of wave scattering problems Lilian Wang  
9:40-10:15 Multi-Physics Simulation of Laser Fusion  Jinghong Li  
10:15-10:45 Tea break    
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Qi Wang(USA)    
10:45-11:20 Symmetry Based Eigenvalue Computations Aihui Zhou  
11:20-11:55 Energy stable numerical schemes and simulations for two phase complex fluids on the phase field method Xiaofeng Yang  
11:55-12:30 New Aspects of Quadrilateral  Nonconforming Finite Elements Dongwoo Sheen   
Room 5 Mini-Symposium: Chair Shengxin Zhu    
10:45-11:05 Solving Surface PDEs via the Closest Point Method Yujia Chen  
11:05-11:25 Development of finite point method for partial differential equations  Guixia Lv  
11:25-11:45 Consistent Atomistic/Continuum Coupling  Lei Zhang (Oxford)  
11:45-12:05 A multi-scale moving boundary mathematical model for cancer invasion Yangfang Wang  
12:05-12:25 Full Eulerian modeling and effective numerical studies for the dynamic fluid-structure interaction problem Pengtao Sun  
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Aihui Zhou    
14:00-14:35 Convergence Analysis of a Finite Difference Scheme for the Gradient Flow associated with the ROF Model  Ming-jun Lai  
14:35-15:10 A fast algorithm for Eulers elastica model using augmented Lagrangian method Xuecheng Tai      
15:10-15:45 The study of the critical perturbation value for singularly perturbed semilinear elliptic problems Ziqing Xie    
Room 5 Mini-Symposium: Chair Yanlai Chen    
14:00-14:25 Negative-Order Norm Estimates for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Yan Xu  
14:25-14:50 Sampling with Localized and Weakly-localized Frames Guohui Song  
14:50-15:15 Superconvergence Properties of Variable-degree HDG Methods for Convection-diffusion Equations on Nonconforming Meshes Yanlai Chen  
15:15-15:40 Superconvergence of discontinuous Galerkin method for linear hyperbolic equations in one space dimension Yang Yang  
15:40-16:05 Devising superconvergent hybridizable DG methods for Stokes and elasticity problem Ke Shi  
15:45-16:15 Tea break    
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Xuecheng Tai    
16:15-16:50 Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of the Adaptive Fast Multipole Poisson-Boltzmann Solver Jingfang Huang  
16:50-17:25 Randomized direct solvers for large discretized PDEs Jianlin Xia   
17:25-18:00 A New Linearized Finite Difference Scheme for Solving Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations Weizhong Dai   
Room 5 Mini-Symposium: Chair Peijun Li    
16:15-16:40 Pre-asymptotic error Analysis of CIP-FEM and FEM for Helmholtz Equation with high Wave Number Haijun Wu  
16:40-17:05 Multiscale eddy current problems Weiying Zheng  
17:05-17:30 Numerical computation of the electromagnetic scattering from a two-dimensional open cavity Kui Du  
17:30-17:55 Adaptive PML finite element method for multiple scattering problems Xue Jiang   
17:55-18:20  Asymptotic Analysis of Phase Field Formulations of Bending Elasticity Models Xiaoqiang Wang  
Tuesday, July 24, 2012  
Room 1 Plenary Session: Chair Chuanju Xu    
8:30-9:10 Single-Grid Multilevel Method Jinchao Xu  
9:10-9:50 BDDC preconditioners for Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin methods using spectral/hp elements with variable local polynomial degree  Claudio Canuto  
9:50-10:30 A General Moving Mesh Framework for Simulating Multi-Phase Flows Tao Tang  
10:30-11:10 Poster session and tea break  
Room 1 Plenary Session: Chair  J. van der Vegt    
11:10-11:50 On Wigner and Bohmian Measures in semi-classical Quantum Dynamics Peter Markowich   
11:50-12:30 How to compute saddle point without Hessian Qiang Du   
12:30-13:30 Lunch break    
13:30-18:00 Tour     
18:30--21:00 Banquet at Xiamen Hotel    
Wednesday, July 25, 2012  
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Huazhong Tang     
8:30-9:05 Superconvergence: Unclaimed Territory, Part 2 Zhiming Zhang  
9:05-9:40 An Inverse Stochastic Source Scattering Problem Peijun Li  
9:40-10:15  Implicit/Explicit Schemes for the Navier-Stokes Equations Yinnian He   
Room 5 Mini-Symposium: Chair Xiaofeng Yang    
8:30-8:55 Noise Drives Sharpening of Expression Boundaries in the Zebrafish Hindbrain  Lei Zhang (CUHK)  
8:55-9:20 FFTs on the Hexagonal and FCC lattices on GPUs  Huiyuan Li  
9:20-9:45 Self-consistent Mean Field Model of Hydrogel and Its Numerical Simulation Hui Zhang  
9:45-10:10 Numerical Study of the Instability of Incompressible Channel Flows Haijun Yu  
10:10-10:35 A method for numerical analysis of a Lotka-Volterra food web model Jianlong Han  
10:15-10:45          Tea break     
Room 4 Parallel Session: Chair Zhimin Zhang    
10:45-11:20 Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin methods with WENO limiters for the special relativistic hydrodynamics Huazhong Tang  
11:20-11:55 Anomalous diffusion and fast solution methods for fractional diffusion equations Hong Wang  
11:55-12:30 TBA Yanping Lin  
Room 5 Mini-Symposium: Chair Yongyong Cai    
10:45-11:10 Uniform error estimates of numerical methods for nonlinear Schrodinger equation with wave operator Yongyong Cai   
11:10-11:35 Numerical analysis for nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation in the nonrelativistic limit regime Xuanchun Dong  
11:35-12:00 Quantized vortex dynamics in complex Ginzburg-Landau equation in bounded domain  Qinglin Tang  
12:00-12:25 An adaptive level set method based on two-level uniform meshes and its application to dislocation dynamics Hanquan Wang  
12:30-13:20 Lunch break    
Room 5 Contributed Talks: Chair Hongtao Chen  
13:30-13:50 Smoothness matching for radial basis functions Shengxin Zhu
13:50-14:10 A convergent adaptive finite element algorithm for nonlocal diffusion models Xuying Zhao
14:10-14:30 A Fast Accurate Boundary Integral Method for Potentials on Closely Packed Cells Wenjun Yin
14:30-14:50 Parallel spectral element method using direction splitting for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations  Lizhen Chen
14:50-15:10 Loosely coupled parallel computation of an SVD and applications in optimisation and machine learning Sheng Fang
15:10-15:30 Numerical stability of split-step forward Euler method for stochastic delay differential equations Qi Wang(China)
15:30-15:50 Tea Break  
Room 5 Contributed Talks: Chair Kui Du  
15:50-16:10 The dynamics of quantized vortices in Ginzburg-Landau Equation based on particle interaction Zhiguo Xu
16:10-16:30 Cross entropy method for multiple modes in rare-event simulation Xiang Zhou
16:30-16:50 A stable algorithm for non-homogeneous waveguide equation based on DtN maps Jinyang Huang
16:50-17:10 A Coupling of Local Discontinuous Galerkin and Natural Boundary Element Method for Exterior Problems Yongying Huang